How to Update Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Gingerbread EF 02 Firmware

In case you are already making use of the Samsung galaxy captivates, I am sure you must have experienced the captivating stuffs that can be had on the phone. In case you want to upgrade it to UCKF 1, gingerbread 2.3.3 firmware, you can get it easily done. You are also sure to have better functioning with the phone after you must have finished with the upgrading. The updating procedure is also very simple enough to follow. Through this simple write up, you will learn about the simple steps that are involved in updating the phone.

There is however a kind of limitation in the issue of the updating. The phone to be updated itself is only available to users in the United States. We can as well say the message below concerns only them as the target group. During the updating process, the internet setting for the phone will be lost. You should keep this in mind before you begin at all. But you can be sure that the connection can be reestablished after the updating by resetting the APN settings. It is not only the APN that needs to be reconfigured after the updating, the MMS also needs to be re configured.

The updating procedure involves two stages. The very first stage is referred to as the pre-updating stage. This has turned out to be the most important stage in the updating procedure. It must be properly done so as to ensure proper updating of your phone.

It all begins with a simple back up procedure. The content of the phone will have to be backed up. Your contacts can be copied unto your Gmail account. All other information on the phone like your MMS and other messages should also be updated. After you must have done this, then you are set to begin. Before you can do the backup successfully, you need to sync your phone to your computer. Your SD card and SIM card need to be removed also from the phone. The next step involves connecting your computer to your phone using USB cable.

The battery life is very important when you are going through this process. It is very important for the battery life to be at least up to 50% full. This is very essential so as to make power available to you all through the updating process. Your antivirus should also be disabled so as to continue without any problem.

The next step involves downloading the gingerbread 2.3.3 firmware, after downloading the zip file; you need to extract the content on your desktop. The next step involves running the zip files on your computer after you must have done this; the whole updating process has been completed.


The instruction above should be carefully followed when you are carrying out the updating. This is because any mistake in the process can lead to the bricking of your mobile phone. I am sure that you will not like the idea in the least.

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