How to Update Meta Tag Titles in Volusion Through a Product Data Feed Import

Volusion is an eCommerce software platform that provides everything a business needs to sell products online. Volusion enables anyone with a business plan to activate that plan and start up their own personal e-commerce company. One feature that Volusion ecommerce software has is the product import- you can create data feeds in excel and then upload the product information to the website.

How to update Meta Tag Titles in Volusion

Step 1– First, you need to create your product data feed. To update Meta Tag Titles, you need the following two column names in your spreadsheet: Productcode and Metatag_title (Metatag_title is the data feed name for Meta Tag Title). Fill in the columns accordingly by putting the correct product code in the first column and the associated Meta Tag Title in the column beside it. Do this for all product codes that need Meta Tag Titles updated. When you have entered all of this information, save the file in CSV (comma delimited) format.

Step 2– Log in to the dashboard/back-end side of your website. To do this, simply type your url and add /admin behind it. Then use your login and password to access the dashboard.

Step 3- Once you are on the back-end of your ecommerce site, you have access to everything from your orders to reports to product information, company information etc. The next step you need to take in order to update your Meta Tag Titles in Volusion is to hover your cursor over the Inventory tab, then select Import/Export.

Step 4– Once you have clicked Import/Export, click Standard Import.

Step 5– You are now looking at the Standard Import tab. To Import the product data feed that you have created, simply select the Import To dropdown button and choose products.

Step 6– Now you can click on the browse button beside the file name space. Here you can locate the Excel product data feed with updated Meta Tag Titles that you want to upload. Once you have selected the correct file to import, click open.

Step 7- The next step to import the product data feed to Volusion is to select one of three options. You want to choose the second option, to replace existing data with your new data- this option ensures that the new data feed with updated Meta Tag Titles will override any old Meta Tag Title information for your products.

Step 8– The final step to import the updated Meta Tag Titles in Volusion is to click Import. Once the import is completed, you will see that the product information was successfully uploaded and you can now view it under the product tab.

There is an alternative to updating the Meta Tag Title through a product data feed import- this is updating it through the product edit page on the administrator dashboard of your website. When you just have one or two Meta Tag Titles to update and don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a data feed and importing them, you can manually update the Meta Tag Title through the product edit page.

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