How to Save Money on Your Water Bill: 3 Easy Tips

Water is one of the most overused elements in our world. We all take it for granted when we turn on our sinks or flush our toilet. Water isn’t an inexhaustible resource. Not only does its use dry up our groundwater sources and reservoirs, it also costs us money to use. For people with wells this money effect is hardly seen because it is paid for in our electric bills.

If you have a water meter than the cost of water is shown in our monthly statements. The main source of water waste in the home lies in the practice of leaving on the water faucet when we use the sink.

Washing Face & Hands

We waste water washing our hands, shaving, doing dishes or combing our hair. With just 3 water saving tips listed in this article, you can save between 30 to 50 gallons of water per day for a family of 4. It could mean a nice chunk of change at the end of the month when the water bill comes in.

Let’s face it, we are creatures of habit. It’s our habit of leaving on the water that causes our bills to rise and our water tables to sink. It’s simple to say the number one rule to saving water in the bathroom is to not let the faucet run when we don’t need it.

By making frequent use of the sink stopper you will find that capturing water for your use will save a large amount of water that’s wasted going down the sink. By pulling the sink stopper you will find it becomes as much of a habit as letting the water run down the drain.

When we brush our teeth, many of us let the water flow down the drain, along with our money. The average person when brushing their teeth lets about 10 gallons of water run down the drain. That’s a lot of water if you were to put it into gallon jugs and store it in your refrigerator.

You wouldn’t have room for any food if you had that much water in their. Start changing your habits by using just enough water to wet your toothbrush. Hold a glass under the sink and fill it with water, then shut off the sink. Use the glass to rinse your brush instead of holding the brush under the sink. Empty the glass out when you’re done and fill it again to rinse your mouth. This way you’ll only use 2 or more glasses instead of up to 10 gallons. That’s a big difference already.

Taking Showers

You don’t need to take showers 3 times a day. It’s bad for the skin and will ultimately lead to higher water bills. You can read about the benfits of taking a shower every day here, but overdoing it is just wrong.


When us men shave our face, we tend to let the hot water run over the razor to clean off the hair and shaving cream. On average the normal man uses around 5 to 10 gallons per shave. If you bottled that water and put it into your fridge with the other 10 gallons you saved when brushing your teeth, you’d have to buy a new refrigerator.

Pull the stopper in the sink and fill it with warm water. You can rinse your razor in the water as you shave. You can save even more water if you take a shower after you shave. This way you rinse your face of shaving cream and you take a shower in one step. it’s a great way to help save those dollars and some well needed water.

The final step to saving water is to use the same process for shaving your face as you would for washing your hands. Rinse your hands quickly under the faucet with the sink stopper pulled. Once your hands are rinsed, turn off the faucet.

Soap your hands and rinse your hands in the water that is trapped in the sink basin. Once you’re done, pull the stopper and you can rinse off a little more. You just saved nearly 10 gallons of water a day if you use this method.


It’s easy to save water if we just change our habits. It could save you some serious cash over the next year. Who knows, maybe you can buy yourself something nice with the extra cash, like a low flow shower head and save even more water, and cash.

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