How to Save Emails and Other Text-Field Data Automatically in Google Chrome

Your Google Chrome browser can crash at any time due to an installation error, improperly-run script, virus, bad website, corrupted plugin, or many other reasons. When the Chrome browser crashes, any data you had entered into text fields, such as an email you were typing, will be lost upon restarting the browser. This can result in a multitude of wasted time and lost information. Fortunately, by using a simple plugin, you can add a feature to your Web browser that automatically saves data in the event of a crash.

The Steps:

Step 1

Open your Google Chrome browser, then press “Ctrl” and T” to open a new tab. Click the “Apps” button at the bottom of the browser, then select the “Google Web Store” icon that appears. This will open Google’s Web Store, which contains apps that you can download and install into your Chrome browser.

Step 2

Type “Lazarus” into the search field, then select the “Lazarus: Form Recovery” option in the search results that appear. A window will appear that talks about the plugin’s features and displays screenshots. Click the “Add to Chrome” button located on the upper-right side of the window. The plugin will automatically show up as a download on the bottom of the browser, then will be installed.

Step 3

Open a window that contains a text field, such as your email inbox. Begin typing into the text field. A gold-colored icon will appear in the bottom right-corner of the field. Click this icon to open the Lazarus menu. You will see your text listed at the top of the menu; select it in order to copy it so that you can paste it back into your project. Below the text is field titled “Lazarus Options.” Select this menu entry to configure the plugin’s settings. For example, you can set Lazarus to require a password in order to access the text it has saved.

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