How to Download Microsoft Word

Word processing is among the most common uses for a computer. If you are new to the world of the internet and computers downloading software from the internet can be very confusing and even difficult. Microsoft Word has been the premier word processing for years. Downloading this or any other software program can be tricky, especially with so many versions and methods both legal and illegal.

The best place to download Microsoft products is the official Microsoft webpage. The company even has software trials available for download. These can be helpful before spending the $149.95 minimum required to download the entire Microsoft Office 2007 suite which includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

In order to download Word 2007, you need to register with Microsoft’s website this will require you to use an existing e-mail address or create a new one with their Hotmail e-mail program. Creating one of these e-mail addresses does require you to give some personal information. People do this with companies all of the time, however it is never wise to give personal information such as addresses, social security numbers, bank and credit account numbers online. There may also be requirements for your computer in order to download the latest version. Be sure to check that your computer meets any and all system requirements before beginning any download process.

After registering you will be taken to a page to start downloading. You will be given a key code to unlock your software. On the right-hand side of the screen is a button labeled “Download Now” double clicking this button will start the downloading process.

If you use a PC, a window with several options will appear, these options include immediate download which can be chosen by clicking “Open”. The program can also be saved to your computer for later download, as it can take several hours to download depending on your connection speed.

After downloading installation is usually very easy, just follow the simple instructions. This part only takes around a half hour but does usually require you to shut down your computer and restart. I would recommend using the free trail before purchasing and downloading this software.

The most recent version for Mac Users is 2004, the Microsoft website, aka Mactopia offers many patches for apparent problems with Mac and Word. You can download these for free in that part of their site. The company also has authorized distributors in their Marketplace section.

Here is a video explaining how to do everything in detail;

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