Creating a Signature in Gmail

Creating an email signature is a great way to save time when you are sending an email. If you add a lot of things to the signature of your email, you can create an email and save time by using it. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a signature in Gmail.

How To Create A Signature In Gmail

To get started with this tutorial, you will need to login to your Gmail account.

Opening Your Signature Settings in Gmail

You will first need to open the settings page for the signature. To do this, click the Settings link at the top of your page. Then click the General tab at the top of the settings page. On the general settings page, you will need to scroll down near the bottom of the page and look for the signature box.

Creating Your Signature in Gmail

Now you are ready to create your signature. In the signature section, you will need to tick the circle beside the signature box. This indicates that you want to create and use a signature. Now you will need to type what you want in the signature box. If you want to insert links, change the text color or style, you will need to use HTML. If you do not know how to use HTML, you will have to just use plain text. However, there are many HTML generators online. You can type what you want, get the code and paste it in the signature box.

Saving Your Signature in Gmail

Once you have created your signature, you will need to save it. Scroll to the bottom of your page and click the Save Changes button. Your signature will then be saved.

Viewing Your Signature in Gmail

Now you can click to compose a new email. In the email, you will see your signature. You can type your email as you normally would above your signature. If you couldn’t figure out how to change the color or style of your text in your signature, you can do it once you create a new email. All you have to do is highlight the signature and adjust the text using the text options at the top of your message window. You can also insert smilies into your signature while you are creating an email.

You can change your email at any time by going back to the settings page. Once on the settings page, click the General tab and scroll down to the signature box. Then delete your signature and type what you want or edit the signature you already have.

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