Cleaning a Nintendo Wii Console & Wii Fit Balance Board

So you finally got your Nintendo Wii and you’ve been putting in hours of playing time. Although over time, you will need to know how to clean and care for your Wii console. It’s important to properly maintain your Nintendo Wii to make sure it has a long healthy life. In this article, you will learn how to prevent your Wii from major damage and how to clean it. Also learn how to keep your Wii balance board clean and germ free.

Problems With Nintendo Wii Console

There have been a lot of reports of Wii consoles being unable to properly read discs. Most of the damage to the reading lens is caused by cigarette smoke building on the reading lens. Plus the accumulation of common household dust over an amount of time will cause the Wii game lens to not function. A lot of places on the web will tell you to take apart your Nintendo Wii console and wipe down the lens manually. This is an option but is a big gamble or risk. The Wii lens is very sensitive and is subject to damage easily. If you just shell out a few bucks for a cleaning kit. Nintendo has released a cleaning kit that they claim will “resolve the problem.”

Cleaning Your Wii Console

Nintendo reports that you never want to try to clean the lens yourself because this will cause major damage to your Nintendo Wii and make it unplayable. If you want to safely clean your Wii then you should buy the Wii Lens Cleaner Set. It is available for a good price ($7.80) and will allow you to very easily and quickly clean your Nintendo Wii lens. This will let you get back to your gaming quicker and without gambling on the lifeline of your Wii.

How To Keep Your Wii Balance Board Clean

One of the hottest Wii accessories on the market right now is the Wii Fit extension. While this new Wii accessory is hard to get your hands on, you need to properly clean your Wii Fit Balance Board. This accessory requires the player to play in socks or bare foot. This can lead to the transfer of germs such as athlete’s foot. It don’t take much to clean your Wii Fit Balance Board, but this is just a reminder to the gamer to at least clean it. Take a soft towel and gently wipe the Wii Fit Balance Board to remove loose dirt and other debris from the balance board. Next wipe down the board with a disinfecting wipe that will kill any germs present. Now dry your Wii Fit Balance Board off with a clean soft, dry towel. Before you use the Wii accessory again, be sure to let your board to dry thoroughly.

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