Open Source Digital Asset Management

Using the light-table

The light-table provides an overview of the items of the workspace based on a set of thumbnails.

Since a workspace can contain items of different types (image, video, audio, document), a small watermark in the bottom-left corner of the thumbnail identifies the item type.

The light-box displays a batch of items at a time. So, in general, the content of the light-table will be split across several pages. Commands for navigating these pages are provided at the bottom of the light-table. You can change the number of items displayed on a page using the “Items per page” pull-down menu.

A set of check-boxes on the top of the light-box allows to filter by type the items displayed in the light-box. If only one type is selected, no type-identification watermark is shown on the thumbnails.

Thumbnails are ordered according to user-defined criteria, which can be changed by clicking on the pull-down menu “Order by”.

Available ordering criteria are by title (dc:title) and by creation date (#####).

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